IYC 2013 – Maulbronn, Germany

International Youth Camp 2013 took place from the 2nd to the 19th of August in Germany, in the city of Maulbronn.

“After camp thoughts: What to say… It’s hard to describe in words the most beautiful and engaging experience that you have ever experienced in your life so far. Because we’re really speaking of this…

It’s really hard to explain magic… What is magic? A power that allows people to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions. Probably that’s the closest definition that we can give to the camp.

The camp is just fucking magic!”

Alberto Lugli, participant. Extract from the “After camp thoughts” document.


During the camp we all work together with the aim of showing the town that hosts us our gratitude and what we have achieved in those 18 days. We worked hard in the workshops (music, theatre, dance, video, arts&crafts and circus) to perform a great FINAL SHOW.


“Hi people! This year we are going to have fun together designing and creating accessories: earrings, wallets, rings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, cases for mobile phone, etc.

With some easy tips about how to work with the material, you are going to make your own accessories, with your own style: you decided how to mix colours, shapes and materials, to create a unique piece, so cool and original according to your likes. Also you can work together, in groups, mixing you ideas to obtain more unusual and creative results!”

By Cristina, Workshop leader.


“Maulbronn was my 3rd camp and, since I had spent the whole year in Germany before I went to the camp, I thought it would be a bit boring for me (especially considering my Erasmus was a kind of one-year-long camp, with all the international atmosphere, fun, parties, but working hard every day anyway). I was so wrong! Again, I was having a great and intensive time, I was enjoying every single moment of the camp; unlike the camps in Czech Republic and in Spain, the music-workshop was really inspiring and the level of participants´ skills was rather high. I also loved the cooperation with Hagen  and with all the other team-people.”

David Jirsa, Workshop leader. Extract from the “After camp thoughts” document.


“The goal of VIDEO WS is to complete a production of short film. Participants learn the basics of scripting, directing, camera work, lighting, non-linear editing and even acting. Throughout the course, students have a chance to practice their skills, making one or two simple films, before starting the work on a final video.

Style and genre, as well as the storyline (if there is one) of the film depends fully on participants, and ranges from documentary, through music videos, feature films to animation and special effects films – the possibilities are endless.
Participants also decide of their involvement in the project – they may try themselves on all fields of production, or focus on one task, deciding editing, camera work, directing and other tasks between group members.
Final product is a group effort with a very little influence of workshop leader, who serves more as technical assistance than a regular leader.”

By Kowalsky, Workshop leader.


“In the CIRCUS workshop we are going to mix and match various types of activities, like circus skills or the ordinary ones. We will juggle, learn different forms of expression such as capoeira or maculele (a dance which imitates battle where rhytm is very important). We will take first steps “in the air” – learn the magic of slack line – learn ”how to” and the basics of acrobatics. Moreover, in that time we will figure out groundworks of illusion and object manipulation. The best part is – mostly, the participants (yep, everyone!) decide what would you like to practice there… No boundaries exist to mix it all up and do something special – the only thing that could really disturb us… is our imagination!”

By Dawid, Workshop leader.


“The theatre workshop was pure energy, not a simple activity to kill the time. The class was the place where we could give free rein to our imagination and learn to have confidence in ourselves and in others. Use of voice, make-up, improvisation, how to move on stage, create feeling with the other participants, recite and create a script, are just some of the concepts on which we worked.

We were part of a group, where each other was a fundamental mechanism of the show, both from the recitative point of view, and from the creation and scheduling of the work itself.

Without the energy of each single item we couldn’t have created the Final Show, because even if you are tired and think you can’t do it, the group and the friendships created will support you until the end. For me was the first experience as a teamer and I loved every single moment of it! Personally I’m looking forward to reopen the curtain!”

Laura Antonioli, Workshop leader. Extract from the “After camp thoughts” document.


“The aim of the Dance Workshop is to make participants aware of all the movement possibilities their bodies can offer, to help them learn to trust each other and how to create a choreography from impulses sent by others.”

By María, Workshop leader.


For most workshops you don’t need to bring any other equipment than your body and mind because we’ll provide everything that’s needed. Musicians should bring their own instruments if possible, though. Pianos, keyboards, drums and other big instruments can be provided if announced in advance.


Why don’t you just print the application form*, fill it in and send it to the nearest organiser?

*In order to secure your participation an advance of €100 of the contribution must be satisfied. In case of no-show that quantity will be reimbursed ONLY if you find a replacement or in case of force majeure.


  • Eastern Europeans €150 + €100 travel costs
  • Western Europeans €270 + €220 travel costs

If we get the European  funding of the Youth in Action program, we will reimburse 70% of the travel costs.

Youth in Action

See you in summer!

IYC 2013 Maulbronn leaflet